Levelling and cut-to-length lines

High performance and flexibility are the hallmark of STAM cut-to-length lines. They are suitable for processing material up to 2,200 mm wide and thicknesses between 0.2 and 20 mm.


STAM leveling machines are available as 6HI, 5HI or 4HI type, with or without interchangeable cassettes. Back-up rolls and tilting adjustments are controlled by computer and PLC.


STAM can supply simple lines for low production rates or more sophisticated lines with coil weights up to 45 tons and speeds up to 120 m/min. Thus Stam is able to fulfill the requirements of both small companies and big service centers.


STAM cut-to-length lines are used for the following materials:
– Hot or cold rolled steel
– Galvanized steel
– Pre-painted steel
– High tensile steel
– Stainless steel
– Aluminum
– Zinc
– Copper
– Alloys


STAM lines are built in different configurations to suit the materials to be processed, the required capacity and other functions needed.

The range of leveling lines and cut to length lines includes the following:


– Cut-to-length lines: stop-start type, lines with roll feed, with flying shear, rotary shear, and also with swing shears for producing trapezoid shaped blanks;


– Multi blanking lines, on which the coil is initially slit in the length direction before the divided material is cut to length. It is a method that can offer economic advantages for high volume production;


– Blanking lines, employed in the automotive field for the production of car body and chassis blanks.


All critical equipment that makes up these lines has been developed optimized by STAM to guarantee the highest levels of flexibility and the best quality / price ratio.


All the lines are supplied with software developed by STAM, that can be customized and connected with the customer management programs. All the lines are equipped with devices for ‘remote-service’.


Each single machines that is part of the lines can also be supplied separately for integration on existing lines: decoilers, levelers, edge trimmers (with scrap choppers, scrap rewinders or scrap balers), cropping shears, rotary shears, flying shears, blank stackers, magnetic stackers, packing lines.