Lines for accessories for rainwater system

The rainwater drainage systems require a set of fixing and joining accessories, in addition to the larger components such as the gutters and the downpipes. These accessories are usually made by pressings and punching of sheet metal, either from coil or pre-cut blanks. It is a field in which STAM has a big experience so that it can offer equipment with different levels of automation, depending on customer requirements. In all cases the outstanding feature is the excellence in the quality of the product.
The deep drawing process of components such as the corner connections for the gutters, angled pieces of downpipe, and fixing and joining components, is realized by hydraulic presses and press tooling, where the presses are very tough for reducing any structural bending that could affect both product quality and tool life.
Some of the components of rainwater systems cannot be produced in one operation, so finished parts made from two pieces can be joined by means of a folded seam produced in a separate operation.
Other components such as hooks, brackets, joints, are produced with a fast mechanical press and they come out as finished parts ready for delivery.