Downpipe forming machines

Downpipes for rainwater drainage systems can have either a square or a circular cross section. Metallic materials used for downpipes, gutters and their accessories are Pre-painted or galvanized steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum and aluminum alloys, Copper, Zinc.
STAM manufactures downpipe forming machines for square and circular section seamed downpipes of all sizes and sheet metal materials, operating in stop-start mode or using a flying shear for cut-to-length by a hydraulic cutting tool. At one end of the downpipe a dedicate tool forms the connectinf shape for other accessories of the rainwater drainage system.
STAM developed a very versatile system for this application. It consists of a ‘double rollformer’ on which tooling for two different types of profile are permanently set up, so that lost times for changeovers are eliminated. The tooling can be for downpipes of different sizes or for guttering and downpipes.