Lines for shelving production

STAM manufactures lines for production of shelves, as a part of the shelving range.
The shelves can be produced by pre-cut sheet metal blanks or, more usually, coil material, which may be pre-painted or galvanized. Considerable know-how is required to combine quality excellence with reasonable unit cost. STAM equipment can produce up to 15 pieces per minute, and is suitable for different sizes and shapes.
Some different configurations are possible. A basic shelving rollformer can be set up either manually or semi-automatically. With the fully automatic line all the machines are automatically set up, after having entered by PC both production order and product codes.
Frequently, the rollformers for metal shelving (for example for supermarkets, office cabinets or household applications) incorporate devices to produce stiffening profiles in an integrated system. The stiffening rails are automatically fixed to the shelf by welding or clinching.
These lines can also be equipped with automatic stacking and packing units.