Rollforming lines for structural beams

Purlins are used in building construction, primarily for structural purposes, such as industrial buildings, metal frames and other.
The rollformed structural beams are made in a wide range of shapes and sizes using materials with different thicknesses and different arrangements of pierced holes. The standard profiles widths can vary from 100 to 400 mm, the heights from 40 to 100 mm, the thicknesses from 1 to 4 mm, but optional wider ranges of dimensions are available according to the customer needs and the profile’s application. The principal groups of sections are C-profiles, U-profiles, Z-profiles and Sigma or Zigma profiles, with the “plus” version that can be optional.
Basic traditional lines can be used, where the forming rolls must be changed when production changes.
Flexible automatic lines are available if required. Stam developed a Rollforming line allowing to change production in few minutes, in a full automatic way. This rollformer is designed in such a way that it is possible to change all the profile dimensions (thickness included), without changing the rolls. Also, the punching can be controlled by the CAM integrated system, so both diameter and position of the holes can be set.
Thanks to a patented system, the production change from C to Z and viceversa can be realized in 1 minute, while production change from other profiles is made in less than 6 minutes.
The lines for purlins can be integrated with an automatic stacking and packing machine.