Machines for trapezoidal profiles and corrugated profiles

STAM Rollforming lines for trapezoidal profiles and corrugated profiles are well knwon and appreciated for flexibility, productivity and quality of the finished product. In the last years the tolerances for this products have become tighter and tighter: thanks to STAM’s know-how of the progressive forming process, involving taking account of the particular material to be used and the change in thickness, STAM Rollforming lines can meet these high quality requests.
The production lines are available in two different configurations:
for low production rates, start-stop lines;
for high production rates, lines with flying shear able to run at up to 100 m/min.
The stacking and packing systems are properly sized for the rollformer capacity.
For quick changes of the forming tools, it is available a changeover systems based on a cassette concept with one fix rollformer or two movable rollformers side by side.