Sandwich panels lines and equipment

SThese panels are made up of two sheet metal profiles between which insulating material is inserted or injected, typically PU (PUR/PIR) or rock wool / mineral wool or Polystyrene. STAM has more than 20 years experience in sandwich panels equipment and can supply lines with a high level of automation to produce panels for doors, roofs, walls and refrigerator enclosures. Based on deep knowledge of sheet metal forming possibilities, STAM can also bring a strong contribution for the design of a high quality aesthetic/architectural panels.
The sandwich panels lines can work with two alternative methods:
– Continuous: with fully automatic lines, starting from raw materials. This method is suitable for high production rate.
– Discontinuous: the sheet metal profiles are produced separately and are then placed on top of one another with the insulating material in between; the two sheet metal panels are then joined together in a press. This method is suitable for low production rate.