Lines for shelves for supermarkets

STAM is able to supply the complete system for the production of all components of shelving for supermarkets, including the floor mounted supporting base, the uprights with the punched holes, the shelves, the shelving clamps, the side panels and the back panels.
STAM is specialist in the supply of manufacturing equipment for supermarket shelves.
Galvanized or pre-painted sheet metal strip from coil is fed into the line, which includes initial sections for punching and cutting-to-length followed by the roll forming and then final bending and welding. The mounting for the piercing and cut-to-length tools is designed for quick changeovers for different sizes of shelves; the Rollforming machine itself can be changed over for a large number of different sizes of products without involving any manual intervention from the operator.
The lines can be equipped with automatic stacking and packing systems of the finished products.