Rollforming lines for silo panels

STAM builds Rollforming lines for silo panels, incorporating a rollbending unit.
The silo is made of corrugated panels of galvanized structural steel. The structure is supported by external uprights, also made of sheet metal in different thicknesses and shapes. Both panels and uprights can be realized with STAM’s flexible rollformers.
The line for panels is capable of rollforming the waves and then rollbending the profile with great accuracy.
Thicknesses of material can vary from 0.8 to 4.75 mm. The curving radius can be changed manually using a manual wheel adjustment or automatically using an NC based system.
The line includes the punching section for fitting of other silo accessories. The same section includes the cut out of openings required for silo’s inspection.
The line for the uprights can be extremely flexible, both in the rollformer and in the punching/cutting devices, for producing a very wide range of profiles.
Stam can produce rollforming lines for other items of the silos, such as the roof, the bottom, and the purlins.