Coil processing lines

Thank to the good co-operations with its customers, STAM has been able to optimize the development of several lines for specific applications, introducing new technological solutions with the aim of making the final product with the highest quality at minimum cost.

Some examples of these lines are:

Lines for disks: for the production of round blanks, starting from coil.

Recoiling lines: for the production of small coils, starting from big size coils. The resulting small coils are automatically packed and stored.


Coil treatment lines, such as:
– Inspection lines
– Brushing / grinding lines
– Galvanizing / painting lines
– Lines with tension leveling

– Lines for tunnel profiles

– Blanking lines: incorporating variable punching systems, perforating or shaped cutting for special requirements, ready for subsequent processing.

– Standalone machines for special or dedicated applications:
– Seaming machines
– Curving machines
– Special punching machines
– Coil tilting units
– Pack tilting units