STAM S.p.A. has been forced to a temporary suspension of production activity, following the provisions of the Italian Law Decrees of 22.03.2020, 01.04.2020 and 10.04.2020 regarding the Covid-19 Emergency.

To follow our customers’ needs, our activity is proceeding in Smart Working, as far as possible due to current situation.

The goods reception, scheduled before 3rd of May, will be only partially possible, after agreement with operation department.

Your customary Sales and Project Managers are always available on their mobile phones and read regularly the e-mails.

For new inquiries, please send an e-mail to or to your usual contact.


For the following departments, we are always available at the following e-mail contacts, and you will be recontacted as soon as possible:

Purchasing Department:e-mail: buyer@stam.itPhone:  +39 335 5712370
Operation Department:e-mail: operations@stam.itPhone:  +39 335 5712370
Administration:e-mail: administration@stam.itPhone:  +39 347 4110265
For technical support on the installed lines, we have activated the following contacts:
For Spare parts:e-mail: service@stam.itPhone:  +39 335 462387                               (only urgent cases)
For remote assistance on automation*:e-mail:
* Please send an e-mail with the description of the problem, you will be recontacted as soon as possible from STAM personnel.

STAM will continue to support our Customers, being confident that the emergency situation will end soon.

Unless further actions of Italian Government, the suspension will end on 4th of May 2020.

STAM team


25 марта 2020