Rollforming lines

Rollforming machines for the automotive, building, home appliances, energy, infrastructures, logistics sectors

Our products in the rollforming field include a large range of  standard and customised machines that can meet all the requirements of the forming sector.

Our rollforming lines are fast, precise and flexible, and enable us to produce profiles for all industrial sectors, starting from coils with thickness ranging from 0.3 to 16 millimetres.

Thanks to the experience gained in more than 50 years of business, as rollforming machines manufacturers, we offer different rollforming technologies according to our customers’ needs.

Our lines can include other processes, such as punching, bending, welding, packing etc., to obtain Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS).

The advanced computerisation of STAM systems, based on the principles of Industry 4.0, provides full control over rollforming lines, also remotely through supervision and control software developed internally and their the complete integration in customer’s management system.

Rollforming lines