Quick and flexible punching machines, integrated into rollforming

Very often the finished product requires various types of holes, differing by position and shape. The possibility of making these perforations inside the rollforming line makes it possible to obtain the product without the need for additional processing steps, with better quality and reduced cycle time and semi-processed products warehouse.

The solutions for perforation are numerous, before and after rollforming, for example:

  • eccentric or servo mechanical press with fixed moulds, position-adjustable moulds, NC mobile moulds
  • hydraulic presses, with multiple tools, NC mobile, on flat coil or finishes profile
  • pre-punching and post punching units on the fly
  • rotational moulds in rollformer
  • laser systems

Depending on the required production speeds, and the tolerances of the positions of the holes, we study and propose the perforation system that is most suitable.