3D rollforming

The technology of the future: rollforming with variable section

Dynamically change the position of the rollforming rollers while the material is feeding through is not a test or study for a prototype, for us it is a production reality, for 10 years running.

The section of the profile can therefore change in the length of the piece, through a rotational and traversing movement of all the rollforming heads.

A numerical control system allows you to manage the more than 100 dynamic axes of the variable section roll formers, and the operator can freely program the machine, obtaining the requested section variations.

3D rollforming can be applied to low thickness materials (1.0mm), for the construction and automotive sector, and also to high thickness materials (up to 11.0 mm) for the transport sector (beams of lorries, trailers)

We also provide the technologies upstream and downstream of the process, involving:

  • cutting rectangular blanks, checking and correcting camber
  • shaping blanks, removing excess material
  • rollforming with variable section
  • calendering and piece perforation

3D rollforming technology changes your perception of profiles, by introducing an additional degree of freedom in the rollforming process.