Cutting lines

Cut to length lines, Slitting lines, Blanking and Multiblanking lines, Coil Processing lines

The Cut-to-length lines and the Slitting lines have always been a crucial part of STAM products.

The sheet metal coil cutting lines cover a very broad range of thicknesses, and they process:

  • cold or hot rolled steel,
  • galvanised steel, pre-painted steel,
  • high tensile steel,
  • stainless steel,
  • aluminium, copper, zinc, alloys.

Blanking lines are commonly used in the automotive industry, for the production of car body and structural parts. They therefore require high production capacity combined with high quality of the produced blank, especially for car body parts that need to be stamped thereafter.

Multi-blanking lines are a specific category of cut-to-length lines.

On these plants, the coil, once it is flattened, is cut longitudinally into strips, thereby simultaneously obtaining multiple blanks with every transversal cut thereafter, typically up to 5 blanks for each longitudinal cut.

Other  Coil Processing lines complete our offer:

  • recoiling lines,
  • inspection lines,
  • brushing – grinding lines,
  • galvanising – painting lines,
  • punching lines and laser – plasma cutting lines.