Cassette rollforming

Production lines always ready for use

The cassette rollformer has a base with fixed motorisation, and the rollforming heads or stands installed on a removable base called cassette or raft.

The rollforming line therefore involves 2 or more series of cassettes with various rollforming stands, and by changing the cassettes, you change the type of profile, without need of any particular adjustment to the line.

Depending on the model, there are various solutions to make the change of cassettes in the shortest possible time, including semi-automatic motorisation release systems.

The number of rollforming stands for each cassette can be adapted to the capacity of the available overhead crane and forklift.

With rollforming lines that need to be equipped with many set of forming rolls, the solution with rollforming cassettes makes off-line tools set up possible.

Typical applications of cassette rollforming are:

Depending on the requirements, we also provide the technologies upstream and downstream of the rollforming process, for example: