Coil packing lines

We supply different types of slitted coil packing line

To complete the slitting line, we can supply different types of slitted coil packing line

Automated systems allow for the following operations:

  • unloading the slit coils from the unloading turnstile, according to a programmed sequence, overturning them to a vertical axis.
  • automatic radial strapping
  • manual/automatic insertion of intermediate wood
  • stacking of coils on piles with mechanical gripper or magnetic systems, depending on the material
  • stacking in a line or on a rotating table.
  • manual/automatic loading of pallets for the piles
  • pile packing stations
  • weighing and labelling stations of the piles
  • vertical axis pile pick-up stations
  • horizontal axis pile tipping stations

Thanks to our experience, we can discuss with customers the most suitable solutions to pack the coils, depending on the workshop layout and their specific needs.

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