The levellers we produce are excellent machines in terms of construction quality and provide extremely high precision. The degree of plastic deformation of the sheet and therefore, the levelling quality that can be obtained, make our machines sector-leading products

The adjustment system of the columns and of the upper cap of the machine is designed to offer extensive control over the sheet, without ever losing positioning accuracy and mechanical rigidity and stability.

Our levelling machines can level high strength steel and achieve levelling quality suitable for the subsequent laser cutting process (cut-to-length), thereby eliminating residual stress that could deform the sheet after cutting it.

The machine control software, entirely developed in our Technical Department, is particularly important. The various adjustments (side opening, front opening, tilting, back up rolls position) are performed with utmost precision and control.

The adjustments can be saved or adapted to the materials in use, with a virtually endless number of combinations.

The graphic display on the screen allows for great ease of use and basic automatic settings, depending on the material to be levelled, even for less experienced operators.

Various types of machines are available:

  • the configuration can be 6HI, 5HI or 4HI, depending on the material to be levelled
  • the rollers can be interchanged with a cassette system, with levelling rolls of different diameters, to extend the range of thicknesses that can be processed
  • the cassette changeover can be semi-automatic or automatic
  • machines with a semi-automatic roller cleaning system

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