Lines for silos uprights

Our production line for silos uprights is able to accurately punch, rollform and stack Omega profiles with variable thickness values, typically from 1.25 to 5 mm

This line can be very flexible, both in terms of the rollformer and in the punching and cutting units, to create a wide family of profiles and uprights.

In the same line, by using a rollformer with automatic set-up, it is possible to produce all the uprights necessary to build silos with different heights and diameters.

We can provide rollforming lines where, along with silos uprights, one can make other structural profiles, such as U, C, Sigma profiles, which are also used to build metal silos.

Thickness range
1.25-5 mm
Forming speed
30 m/min
Forming technology
Flexible - Cassette
Tools set-up time
5-30 min

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