Rollforming lines for truck beams

In 1990 we supplied a new truck beams production plant to VOLVO (Sweden)

The first in the world flexible and fully automatic rollforming machine.

That revolutionary rollforming line was a turning point for truck chassis production sector  because, prior to this, truck beams were made on huge presses with extremely expensive non-flexible moulds and not very suitable for processing with high tensile steel.

Since then, the most important trucks manufacturers started working with our rollforming lines for truck beams, taking advantages in terms of the flexibility, quick production change and tooling cost reduction.

The STAM’s roll-formers for truck beams are equipped with several controlled axes, allowing the changeover from one profile to another to be completed in a set-up time of less than 4 minutes. The profile thickness varies from 4 to 16 mm, also with high tensile steel. The rollforming speed is up to 24 m/min.

As a result of this excellent performance, our truck beam production plants gained international leadership and are gradually replacing the traditional press method.

We can therefore position ourselves as a global partner that can provide the technology for the whole manufacturing process of the beams, including flexible in-line punching.

Thickness range
4 – 16 mm
Forming speed
24 m/min
Forming technology
Tools set-up time
4 min

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