Machines for rainwater system components

The rainwater drainage system requires a series of joining and fixing accessories, in addition to the main components, i.e. the gutters and the downpipes

These accessories are usually made with pressing lines, starting from coils of sheet metal or pre-cut blanks, which can be manufactured in our cutting lines.

Because of the extensive experience gained in this sector, we can offer our customers various types of machines with different levels of automation, depending on the required output, whilst still guaranteeing excellent quality.

Parts such as the corner connections for the gutters and the downpipes are made with a deep drawing process by means of a hydraulic press. This press is very sturdy, in order to reduce any structural bending that could affect both production quality and the service life of pressing tools.

For components consisting of two parts to be assembled, we provide automatic seaming machines.

Moreover, it is possible to perform special finishes on the ends, by using dedicated hydraulic equipment.

Other components such as gutter hooks, downpipe brackets and joints are made on a pressing line fitted with a fast mechanical press. This way, we can obtain an extremely high output in terms of pieces per minute. The parts made come out as finished products ready for delivery.

If requested, we can also supply robotised loafing/unloading cells.

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