The sheets can be cut to length with hydraulic or mechanical shears

The blades configuration can be traditional or with overturned blades, when delicate materials are to be treated, depending on stacking system.

If the line works in start/stop mode, the shears are mounted on a sturdy structure fixed to the floor and are normally supplied by a roller feeder.

If the line works continuously, the flying shears are mounted on a mobile carriage, driven by a special CNC brushless motor, and transmission with pinion/rack or recirculating ball screw, according to the application.

We offer high performance rotary shears for higher flow rates and average and thin thicknesses.

On request, we supply lines with oscillating shears, to perform trapezoidal cuts, inclined with angles up to ±30°.

The shears can have manually or automatically adjustable blade clearance, according to customer requests.

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