Stacking devices, or stackers, specially designed and built according to the specific application

The stacking devices, or stackers, are specially designed and built according to the specific application, and often are crucial machines for the production speed of the entire line, and to ensure the high surface quality of sheet metal.

Depending on the performance of the line and the type of material to be processed, we offer different types of stackers:

  • mechanical/bomb-door, with arms that support the advancing sheet and then open laterally, when the sheet has fully entered the stacker. For thin sheets, the addition of fans allows for an air cushion effect and sheet support
  • Magnetic sheet stackers in continuous or start/stop mode, with the complete stop of the sheet before unloading
  • With vacuum, suitable for non-magnetic materials, such as aluminium or stainless steel
  • With suction cups and robotic manipulators, to execute particular stacking layouts
  • coils stacking systems

The stackers can be with single- or multi-stacking stations, so as to avoid stopping the line to unload the pack.

They are equipped with guides and side and front stops to guarantee the formation of very precise piles.

Depending on customer requirements and installation layout, we provide different types of packing lines, which can be integrated with:

  • automatic pallet loading systems
  • transversal or longitudinal strapping of the stack
  • weighing of the stack
  • marking or labelling of the stack
  • full packaging of the stack with film or protective paper

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