Lines for automotive profiles

Flexible and 3D rollformers

We develop highly efficient flexible and 3D rollformers for automotive parts. Rollforming lines for components such as bumpers, slide rails, wings, seat guides and window guides for doors. These lines include shearing and calendering in line.

The use of high tensile steel for the production of chassis and components for the automotive sector is becoming increasingly popular, as it makes vehicles lighter while improving the level of passive safety.

The traditional pressing process has therefore been gradually replaced by the rollforming process, which is more suitable for processing high tensile steel and this is where our rollformers for the automotive sector show all their advantages, due to high quality requirements, and process efficiency.

Thickness range
0.8-2 mm
Forming speed
40 m/min
Forming technology
Flexible - Cassette - Traditional
Tools set-up time
10-30 min

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