Lines for cross beams and diagonals

The crossbeams and the diagonals are the profiles that connect the vertical uprights, creating a complete and rigid structure holding the shelves where the goods are placed

We build customised rollformers for crossbeams and diagonals that can ensure high productivity and the option of changing the size of the profiles, quickly modifying the configuration of the shaping rolls.

The crossbeams can be made by using different solutions:

  • two open profiles which are mechanically locked together
  • by using a single strip, roll formed to a closed section with a folded seam to create a closed profile
  • by welding in line, thereby making welded tubular profiles

The crossbeams are connected to the uprights by means of butt joints. These butt joints are welded or screwed to the crossbeam. In this last case, the rollforming line includes a punching unit before the rollformer.

Quite often the production of the cross beams can be made in the same line for uprights and diagonal.

We are able to support customers in choosing the best suited solution according to their needs with our rollforming lines for logistics.

Thickness range
1.0-2.0 mm
Forming speed
40 m/min
Forming technology
Flexible - Cassette - Traditional
Tools set-up time
5-30 min