Rollforming lines for cold rooms

We have developed production lines for sandwich panels to be used, for example, for: cold rooms, deep-freezing tunnels, refrigerating stores, display cabinets and counters, for transport by road or rail

We can meet different manufacturing needs with different system set-ups, like lines working in continuous or discontinuous mode, depending on square metres per day to be produced.

The lines are completed with punching devices for making finished panels, ready for the assembly of the various components.

For continuous lines, there is a full system for stacking and packing the panels, with a number of optional features.

By working together with partner companies, we can also supply the foaming devices and the presses, for customers are looking for a turnkey solution.


Thickness range
0.7-1 mm
Forming speed
30 m/min
Forming technology
Flexible - Cassette - Traditional
Tools set-up time
5-30 min