Rollforming lines for metal shelves

We manufacture production lines for metal shelves, as a part of the industrial or domestic shelving range

The shelves can be produced from steel coils, which may be galvanised or pre-painted. These products are often very complex to manufacture and must combine excellent quality with a reasonable unit cost. The production plant must combine this with high capacity (even more than 10 pieces per minute) and different sizes.

The rollforming lines for shelving are available in different configurations.

A basic shelving rollformer can be set up either manually or semi-automatically, according to the shelf dimensions.

In the fully automatic line, the various machines are positioned by simply entering the data related to the requested production in the PC.

Often, the rollforming lines for metal shelving incorporate a line to produce stiffening profiles in an integrated system. The stiffening rails are automatically positioned under in the required amount according to the size of the shelf itself by welding or clinching them.

Our production lines for shelving can also be equipped with automatic stacking and packing systems.

Thickness range
0.5-1.2 mm
Forming speed
30 m/min
Forming technology
Flexible - Cassette
Tools set-up time
5-30 min