Rollforming lines for down pipes

We manufacture downpipe rollformers to produce downpipes with circular or square section in various sizes and many metallic materials used for downpipes, gutters and their accessories such as pre-painted or galvanised steel, stainless steel, aluminium and aluminium alloys, copper and zinc

Our downpipe rollforming lines are available both in the start/stop configuration (with fix shears) or in continuous with flying shears. The cut-to-length is performed by a hydraulic tool.

The subsequent calibration of a pipe end, for the connection with other accessories of the rainwater drainage system, is carried out either manually or automatically with dedicated hydraulic equipment.

We developed a very versatile application, consisting of a double rollformer that can produce two different types of profile with the same line and with no tools set-up time. The tooling can be for downpipes of different sizes or for guttering and downpipes.

The benefit of this solution mostly lies in the fact that the machine does not need to be set up again to change production, thereby considerably reducing production time.

An automatic packing line can be added to the rollforming plant.

Thickness range
0.4-0.8 mm
Forming speed
40 m/min
Forming technology
Tools set-up time
10-30 min

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