Rollforming lines for window and door frames

Window frames made of sheet metal profiles have to be produced to high standards of accuracy and often are needed in large volumes

They can be used for the doorframe, even fire doors or security doors and windows.

We produce rollforming lines for window and door frames characterised by high precision and flexibility.

We can also make finished products with punching, 45° cut, welding of accessories such as hinges, etc.

High production rate of our rollformers is guaranteed by employing flying shears allowing for continuous production, and stackers ensuring the subsequent production of different models without stopping the equipment.

We also make automatic lines to make door panels, starting from coils or from blanks already cut to size.

The various plant sections automatically adapt to the size of the panels.

We also supply lines for the profiles used for reinforcing PVC windows, according to the different kinds existing on the market.

Thickness range
1-1.5 mm
Forming speed
40 m/min
Forming technology
Twin - Cassette - Traditional
Tools set-up time
5-30 min

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