Slitting lines

We supply slitting lines for different materials and thickness up to 16 mm, and coil packing lines.

We are able to satisfy the needs of different types of customers because we supply:

  • High performance and great flexibility sheet metal slitting lines for coils up to 45 tons and a work speed up to 400 m/min, suitable for steel mills, service centres, the automotive sector and many others.
  • Compact, simpler and very flexible sheet metal slitting lines, in cases where a lower production capacity is required.

Our slitting lines are suitable for processing materials up to with 2100 mm wide and thicknesses that vary from 0.2 to 16 mm, and stand out for the precision and quality of the finished product.

Our production range includes:

Our slitting lines can process different materials, such as:

  • cold or hot rolled steel
  • galvanised steel, pre-painted
  • high strength steel
  • stainless steel
  • aluminium
  • copper
  • zinc
  • alloys

We pay great attention to the functionality and practicality of the equipment, in order to minimise the line set-up time.

Depending on the type of longitudinal slitting line, we can offer:

  • automatic coil loading
  • automatic coil head cutting sequence
  • change of the slitter head – shuttle system – Automatic
  • automatic circular blade changeover, with turnstile
  • robotised automatic blade pack formation
  • automatic blade locking
  • scrap winder or scrap chopper
  • system with mobile tensioning carriage
  • strips tensioning with different systems depending on material type and surface
  • quick changeover of felt and strip separating shafts
  • automatic separators, with automatic disks positioning
  • automatic strips end cutting
  • movable clamping system to automatically bring the head of the strips in the recoiler clamp
  • automatic coil unloading
  • Integrated coil strapping system

All our slitting lines are equipped with software developed in our technical department. They allow for communication with the customer’s management programs, interconnection with automatic tool changing systems and with the coil packing line, if applicable.  In addition, remote assistance is provided for line control and remote servicing.

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