Slitting lines for medium gauge

We supply lines suitable to process materials with medium gauge, up to 8 mm

For this range of thicknesses the cutting speed is generally between 60 and 150 m/min and the coil width can reach 2100 mm.

In some types of systems, we can provide solutions that also allow you to cut relatively thin sheet thicknesses in the same lines, if the customer requires a wide range of use.

Depending on the type of slitting line, we can offer:

  • automatic coil loading
  • automatic coil head cutting
  • slitter blades change device: change of the slitter head – shuttle system – automatic
  • automatic circular blade changeover, with turnstile
  • robotised automatic blade pack formation
  • automatic blade locking
  • scrap winder or scrap chopper
  • system with movable tensioning carriage
  • sheet tensioning with different systems depending on material type and surface
  • quick changeover of felt and strips separating shafts
  • robotic sheet separating units
  • automatic separators, with automatic disks positioning
  • movable clamping system to automatically bring the head of the strips in the recoiler clamp
  • automatic coil unloading
  • integrated strapping systems


The dimensions of the shear shafts, and consequently of the large cutting equipment, often require automatic and robotic systems to be used to prepare the blade pack on the turnstile. If requested, STAM can provide these systems to complete the supply of the line.

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