Punching and laser-plasma cutting lines from coil

The punching and laser/plasma cutting lines from coil consist of the following units:

  • Decoiling unit, with single or double decoiler, coil loading and feeding systems
  • Strip straightening or levelling machines, with different specifications and number of rollers, depending on the final use of the product
  • Electronic roller feeder

The automatic punching station can have different configurations:

  • Unit with multiple punches, which can operate separately, with numerical control
  • Hydraulic presses with a high number of punches, positionable through NC and enabled according to the pre-selected program
  • Mechanical presses, with work surfaces up to 5 m long, installed with units that are positionable through NC and enabled separately and automatically

Laser/Plasma cutting and shaping station

  • In addition to mechanical punching systems, when superior variability and special shapes are required, we supply in-line laser or plasma cutting units.

When the formats are cut-to-measure, blank stacking and packing stations can be supplied, with variable automation levels based on the specifications requested by the end customers.

This kind of lines can be supplied for the production of finished punched formats or as infeed lines for profiling and/or bending lines working from blanks.

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