Cut-to-length lines for medium gauge

To process material with medium gauge up to 8 mm

As cut-to-length line supplier we build, among others, Cut-to-length lines to process materials with medium gauge up to 8 mm, cutting lines with flying shears or rotary shears.

Depending on the required levelling quality and the flexibility in the material gauge change, two in-line levelling machines are used, or levelling machines with levelling roller change, with a box system.

Continuous production speeds can reach 90 m/min, and stacking and packing systems are a very important part of the system.

Depending on the type of processed material we supply magnetic, vacuum and mechanical stacking systems with one or more stations

The automatic packing lines can include automatic transversal and longitudinal strapping of the packs, automatic pallet loading, protective paper application systems and weighing and labelling of the sheet packs.

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