Cut-to-length lines for heavy gauge

To process heavy gauge materials up to 25 mm

As metal cut-to-length line supplier we build, among others, Cut-to-length lines to process heavy gauge up to 25 mm, robust lines, designed to handle heavy materials.

The custom cutting process, which is normally continuous, involves the use of mechanical or hydraulic movable shears.

The levelling machines with rollers of a big diameter, often in 4HI or 5HI configuration, are large and heavy machines, so as to withstand the high stress required to level the material.

If a wide range of thicknesses is required, 2 levelling machines are normally installed on the line, which can also have interchangeable cassette systems.

For the non-pickled hot-rolled material process, we can provide in-line brushing systems of the sheet surface to reduce the amount of calamine on the sheet surface.

The lines can be equipped with edge trimming machines and scrap-cutters for trimming control.

The mechanical stacking systems have a very robust structure and handle sheets that reach up to 18 m in length.

The automatic packing lines can include automatic transversal and longitudinal strapping of the packs, automatic pallet loading, protective paper application systems and weighing and labelling of the sheet packs.

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