Multi-blanking lines

Multi-blanking lines are a specific category of cut-to-length lines

On Multi-blanking  lines, the coil is flattened and then is cut longitudinally into strips, thereby the strips are transversal cut  to obtain simultaneously multiple blanks , typically up to 5 blanks for each longitudinal cut.

The production line therefore uses slitting shears, with various levels of automation for circular blade change/settings.

Depending on production volumes, the lines can be in start/stop mode with loop and roller feeder, or with rotary shears.

The stacking and packing section is crucial to these plants, given the high number of blanks being managed and the reduced dimensions that can be reached for the ready blanks.

Our multi-blanking lines can be equipped with automatic pallet loading systems (up to 5 pallets in parallel), and automatic unloading, weighing and pack strapping systems.

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