Blanking Lines

Blanking lines are commonly used in the automotive industry, for the production of car body and structural parts

Blanking Lines: They therefore require high production capacity combined with high quality of the produced blank, especially for car body parts that need to be stamped thereafter.

The lines consist of:

  • coil feeding line
  • eccentric mechanical press, link drive or servo press, or by tilting shears
  • magnetic or vacuum stacking system for aluminium, stainless steel and non-magnetic materials

The coil feeding line is normally characterised by high automation at the coil loading, stripintroduction, coil head scrapping, loop and press feeding and line unloading stage.

The set-up time of the line, for the product changeover, must be quick and automatic.

Our STAM levelling machines are the heart of the feeding line, as they guarantee optimal levelling results, also in the presence of high tensile steel or aluminium.

Blanks can be shaped or trapezoidal, in which case we supply tilting shears or tilting tools to be used in the presse.

The stackers are duly designed for non-stop stacking of rectangular, trapezoidal or different shaped blanks, depending on what moulds are used.

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